| Friday May 27th 2016

Clown strip-searched before children’s charity flight

David Vaughan is PC Konk the clownDavid Vaughan, aka PC Konk the clown, was made to strip down to his underwear at Birmingham Airport, England when his costume set off the metal detectors. He was booked to do an in-air charity show for disadvantaged children. Apparently, PC Konk was good humored about it.

A piece of metal on his costume set off the security alarm, prompting security guards to confiscate his plastic handcuffs and order him to strip down to his shorts and T-shirt.

Staff also demanded he put the liquid for his plastic bubble-blowing saxophone into a clear sealed plastic bag.

“I’d made sure I’d bought plastic handcuffs and a plastic whistle but I hadn’t realized that the costume had a metal band – I thought it was plastic,” said Mr Vaughan, from Shard End, Birmingham.


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