| Wednesday May 25th 2016

EFF: Helping You Take Back Your Privacy

Two weeks ago, social networking giant Facebook announced a radical new vision for the Internet – all online activity involving Facebook would be “social by default.”

Facebook privacyThink about what that means: All of your personal information, and all of your online activity, automatically shared by Facebook with anyone, anytime it wants to, without your permission.

Help EFF Fight to Protect Your Privacy!

Since our founding in 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has been the first line of defense whenever your digital rights are threatened. After Facebook’s announcements, EFF was the first organization to raise concerns about the serious threat to users’ online privacy. We quickly worked on providing you with information and creating tools to help you take back control of your data. EFF published analyses of how the changes affected your private information, a video teaching you how to make your data private again, a translation of Facebook’s jargon, and a guide to Facebook “Connections.”

Our work over these past two weeks is just one example of how EFF fights for your online rights. We continue to improve TOSBack, which tracks changes to terms of service policies at 56 of the Internet’s most popular websites. We’re maintaining our International Surveillance Self-Defense Guide, which helps citizens avoid government surveillance, especially in repressive regimes. And, of course, we continue to bring and defend cases where digital rights are being threatened.

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