| Saturday May 28th 2016

Federal Court Dismisses Pittsburgh Couple, the Borings (no joke), Privacy Suit Against Google Street View

Looks like the Borings are upset the Google StreetView car drive down their Private Drive and took photos of their home, outbuildings, and pool. Seems reasonable considering they have a “Private Road – No Trespassing” sign at the entrance. Wonder if it will be appealed.

If I were them I would also be concerned with the images from Microsoft’s “birds-eye” view.

Aaron and Christine Boring sued the Internet search giant last April, alleging that Google “significantly disregarded (their) privacy interests” when Street View cameras captured images of their house beyond signs marked “private road.” The couple claimed in their five-count lawsuit that finding their home clearly visible on Google’s Street View caused them “mental suffering” and diluted their home value. They sought more than $25,000 in damages and asked that the images of their home be taken off the site and destroyed.

However, the U.S. District Court for Western Pennsylvania wasn’t impressed by the suit and dismissed it (.PDF) Tuesday, saying the Borings “failed to state a claim under any count.”

Ironically, the Borings subjected themselves to even more public exposure by filing the lawsuit, which included their home address. In addition, the Allegheny County’s Office of Property Assessments included a photo of the home on its Web site.


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