| Saturday May 28th 2016


When I’m programming and i need to view variable values in a program, I usually use a debugger – looks like I’ve missed out on the new-age-fangled approach where you code it so the values you are interested in get emailed to your gmail account. ugh…

What happened with G-Archiver?
It has come to our attention that a flaw in the coding of G-Archiver may have revealed customer’s Gmail account usernames and passwords.

It is urgent that you remove the current version of G-Archiver from your computer, and change your Gmail account password right away.

What happened was that a member of our development team had inserted coding used for testing G-Archiver in the debug version and forgot to delete it in the final release version.

We sincerely apologize and assure you that this coding mishap was in no way intentional.

We’ll be releasing a new version that corrects the flaw in version 1.0. The new version will be available very soon.


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