| Saturday May 28th 2016

Hidden government cameras in digital converter boxes? No.

Wired Magazine explores a strange and clever hoax… It’s about the claim that DTV converter boxes contain a hidden camera and a microphone, to enable companies and the state to watch you in your homes. The buzz surrounds a brilliant YouTube video (seen below).

In an interview with Threat Level, Chronister admits the whole thing was a hoax, concocted in about five minutes with a hot glue gun and parts from an old cell phone. The reaction surprised even him.

Chronister says the video is partially true: A friend really did share the rumor about hidden camera in the DTV converters. “I originally opened up the device with the intention of proving him wrong,” says Chronister. “At which point the thought popped in my head, wouldn’t it be funny if I proved him right instead?”

Ugh… I can’t believe anyone who needs one of those converter boxes:
a) has a cell phone camera
b) has a computer
c) has a video camera
d) has internet service
e) has heard of youtube
f) can figure out youtube’s URL
g) knows how to strike those letter-covered buttons in front of their monitor in a sequence that will result in logging in and uploading content

Here’s another video busting the hoax. It’s awful quality, but there if you need it to sleep.


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