| Friday May 27th 2016

“I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist” campaign for photographers’ rights

The Photographer Not a Terrorist campaign is a new British organization devoted to helping photographers whom the authorities have busted or harassed for being potential terrorists, kidnapping innocent photons with deadly light-sensors.

They’ve got a “bust card” explaining your rights to you and the officers you interact with, as well as a sticker/poster design and a gallery of photographers holding “I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist” signs.

Photography is under attack. Across the country it that seems anyone with a camera is being targeted as a potential terrorist, whether amateur or professional, whether landscape, architectural or street photographer. I'm a Photographer, not a TerroristNot only is it corrosive of press freedom but creation of the collective visual history of our country is extinguished by anti-terrorist legislation designed to protect the heritage it prevents us recording.

This campaign is for everyone who values visual imagery, not only photographers.

The campaign is run by a collection of concerned individuals and owes no allegiance to any single organization.

We must work together now to stop this before photography becomes a part of history rather than a way of recording it.


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