| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Kiwis who took the money and ran located through Facebook update

The NZ couple who took off after a bank error dropped NZ$10,000,000 in their account have been finked out by a relative’s Facebook update, which tipped off authorities that they’re in China.

Facebook.com privacyBut their chances of being caught have increased after they were joined overseas by Ms Young’s sister, Aroha Hurring, who posted details about their location on her Facebook page.Police believe the trio are in China after Ms Hurring foolishly updated her status to say she was drinking the local Asian beer and enjoying the heat.

Her mother Sue Hurring, who runs a hairdressing salon in Blenheim, has been helping police with their inquiries.

“Well, you’ve got to have a laugh,” she said. “It is bizarre.

“She’s never pinched a thing in her life. Probably as a little girl, yes, but so honest.”


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