| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Would you really want Microsoft tracking you to get Vista/Office free?

windowslogo.jpgA new free offer has emerged from Microsoft, where they track your computer usage for 3 months in exchange for free software. A couple surveys here and there, and its basically risk free…


Below are parts of the additional info captured that make me a bit uneasy…

  • Windows settings and usage, such as the number of user accounts on the computer and the view settings for Control Panel (that is, if you use the default Category view or the Classic view to display Control Panel).Details about your computer hardware, such as processor type and speed (as well as the number of processors), system memory, video memory, and other hardware configuration information.
  • File and folder information, such as the number of files and folders located in common places (for example, in Documents).
  • Which programs you open (for example, which application you use to read your e-mail).
  • Changes you make to your hardware or software.
  • Problems you encounter, such as application crashes.

Programs used, what folders I might have (folder names?), et cetera. It just seems like a big can of worms if you don’t know exactly what data is captured. What about man in the middle attacks or viruses that take advantage of the watching program?

I really think they are out of their freaking minds personally.


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