| Monday May 30th 2016

What Does DHS Know About You?

Here’s a real copy of an American citizen’s DHS Travel Record retrieved from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s Automated Targeting System (ATS). This was obtained through a FOIA/Privacy Act request and sent in by an anonymous reader.

US Customs and Border ProtectionThe document reveals that the DHS is storing the reader’s:

  • Credit card number and expiration (really)
  • IP address used to make web travel reservations
  • Hotel information and itinerary
  • Full Name, birth date and passport number
  • Full airline itinerary, including flight numbers and seat numbers
  • Cruise ship itinerary
  • Phone numbers, incl. business, home & cell
  • Every frequent flyer and hotel number associated with the subject, even ones not used for the specific reservation

I researched this and realized that when I had stayed at hotels that were not booked in advance, they did not have the information on my record. It seems that when you book through Sabre or other services that use Sabre, your entire itinerary become part of the DHS record also. I think this is what they compare your passport stamps to when you come back into the country and the Customs guy is sitting there staring at the computer screen and your passport.

Sabre is used to book reservations for railways, car rentals, cruises, lodging and airlines around the world. Ugh.

Again, here is the full record. The anonymous reader obtained his/her travel history using Edward Hasbrouck’s excellent guides. Check out his site for more info.

CBP ip address

CBP frequent flyer

CBP cc and hotel

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