| Thursday May 26th 2016

Which Government Agency Should Be Your Computer’s Firewall?

skynet-terminator.jpgFirst the NSA says it needs to examine every search and email on the internet to prevent an e-9/11 attack, then President Bush signs a secret cyber-security Presidential Directive to make that possible, while the Air Force has set up a cyber warfare division where cyber-security is played like a game of Space Invaders.

Not to be left out on the cybarmegeddon! action, the Department of Homeland Security plans to spearhead a “Manhattan Project” attempt to secure the internet. But there’s no way FBI chief Robert Mueller is gonna let DHS honcho Michael Chertoff have all the bits, so this week he told a House committee that G-Men need to be living in the tubes, too.

The great thing about all of these agencies deciding that they need to be inspecting packets on the interweb is that soon you will no longer have to buy anti-virus or security software, you’ll just have to choose which government agency you hand your computer password to.

But the question is, which one should you choose to protect your Win98 box?

Submit your favorite agency (with logo link if you have one) or vote up other choices here. Defend your vote in the comments, if you like.


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