| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Ron Paul’s interview on Face The Nation

Congressman Paul held himself well against the interviewer’s obvious attempt to discredit.

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  1. Jay says:

    Schieffer had to carry water for the establishment. He tried to box Paul in so he could get a sound bite out of Paul that CBS could abuse Paul with. Paul was having none of it. Schieffer failed.

    In this instance, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz agrees with Ron Paul:

    “There are a lot of things that are different now, and one that has gone by almost unnoticed–but it’s huge–is that by complete mutual agreement between the U.S. and the Saudi government we can now remove almost all of our forces from Saudi Arabia.

    “Their presence there over the last 12 years has been a source of enormous difficulty for a friendly government. It’s been a huge recruiting device for al Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina.”

    Source: Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with Sam Tannenhaus, Vanity Fair (09 May 2003)

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