| Sunday May 29th 2016

Ron Paul Supports Health Care Reform… But Wants To Finance It By Bringing The Troops Home

Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul has a temporary solution to the health care debate – at least until Americans “come to their senses”. Rather than pay for health care by raising taxes or printing money out of thin air, Paul supports bringing home the troops and changing our foreign policy.

The former Presidential Candidate still supports a private system but tells CNN correspondent Kiran Chetry Wednesday that he is realistic. Chetry mentioned the problems faced by the poor in Texas and asked if there was a solution. Ron Paul told her that runaway inflation and government intervention has driven up the cost. But he went even further than that, and suggested he might even support reform.
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“Even though I have my ideal solution, with the government out completely and that would be a much better solution, that is not going to happen. I’m realistic. But one thing we shouldn’t do is pay for it with money out of thin air. So what I would do in a transition… is to cut spending somewhere and take care of the very people you are talking about.”

And then he said something unexpected. “Because you don’t want to cut under these conditions, Medical care from poor people who have been dependant or the elderly. But I would cut from overseas spending. I would cut from these trillions of dollars we have spent over the years and bring our troops home so we can finance it.”

In response to a question about the Ron Paul Singles website he said he didn’t know a lot about it but it fits a famous slogan: “make love and not war”.

He also applauded Obama’s decision to cut the F-22 jet fighter program. Evidently the congressman is not beholden to the big contributions from the military industrial complex and the health insurance industry.

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