| Saturday May 28th 2016

You say “rootkit,” I say “diagnostic tool”

“The only way to remove Carrier IQ is with advanced skills,” Eckhart wrote in a report, published on the Web on Monday. “If you choose to void your warranty and unlock your bootloader you can (mostly) remove Carrier IQ.” Carrier IQ

The software, Carrier IQ, tracked the location of the phone, what keys were pressed, which Web pages were visited, when calls were placed, and other information on how the device is used and when.

Eckhart discovered that Carrier IQ can be shown as present on the phone to users or configured as hidden, which was the case on the HTC phones he analyzed. And he found what he described as “leaked training documents” that indicate that carriers can view customer usage information via a remote portal that displays devices by equipment ID and subscriber ID.


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