| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Forget your photo ID for your EasyJet flight? Just go print one up!

Don’t worry if you show up for your domestic UK EasyJet flight without the mandatory photo ID the airline now requires; the helpful check-in clerks will direct you to the nearby train station where they’ll make you up a free photo-card to go with a rail-pass, should you ever decide to buy one. Ah, security.

Easyjet airplane“They suggested I go to the railway station within the terminal, buy a season ticket and with it get a photocard, which they’d then accept as ID,” Wilson said. “In fact, it was even easier and didn’t cost a penny. Southern Rail gave me a photocard and sent me upstairs to the public photo booth. I asked if I needed to come back to the ticket office with the photos; they said, no, I should just fill in the card myself then seal down the plastic covering.”


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