| Sunday May 29th 2016

Gucci admin accused of $200,000 IT rampage

Gucci ManeSo maybe you should change admin passwords after you fire someone that knows them?

A network engineer fired by fashion house Gucci has been charged with going on an IT rampage against his former employer in which he deleted data, shut down servers and left the company nursing an estimated $200,000 cleanup bill.

According to the New York District Attorney’s office indictment, 34-year old Sam Chihlung Yin created a fake VPN token in the name of a non-existent employee which he tricked Gucci IT staff into activating after he was fired in May 2010.

The VPN gave him direct access into the heart of Gucci’s IT network for a period of months, which when combined with his inside knowledge and admin passwords gave him the power to cause mayhem.


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