| Sunday May 29th 2016

Hackers working on cracking the Googlephone’s firmware

Google android G1 smart phone T-MobileT-Mobile’s new Google Android phone, the G1, is not as open as you’d hope — all the good hardware is sandboxed off from the development environment and requires a signature to run. But hackers are already working to crack open the firmware. From the #android channel on Freenode:

I hacked my camera’s firmware manually by using an exploit to cause it to execute arbitrary code – and then blinking out the entire firmware in 0’s and 1’s on the autofocus LED – read in by a photo transistor attached to a sound cable plugged into my microphone port – and then put back into 0’s and 1’s…
Then disassembled the ARM9 code in it and worked on porting CHDK to it…
I’m pretty sure having a whole OS at my disposal should make this a lot easier


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