| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Laptop with data about 33,000 Clear card applicants lost at SFO

The TSA says a laptop with the personal information of 33,000 Clear card applicants was lost at San Francisco Airport on July 26. They need to check the sidewalks along Market Street… and bring crack to trade for it.

The TSA has suspended new enrollments in the program, known as Clear, which allows passengers to pay to use special “fast lanes” at airport security checkpoints.

The laptop belonged to a privately run company known as Verified Identity Pass Inc., which operates the program at 17 airports nationwide.

Yes, you read that correct… A security company, helping the TSA, lost security cards that help bypass security? The article really should highlight the fact that the laptop wasn’t encrypted in any way. To which I say, WTF? What idiot hired a “security” company that lets their employees have unencrypted laptops?

I feel much safer, now! Ugh.


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