| Thursday April 2nd 2015


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Martha Hacks Her Ankle Monitor

Martha Stewart was in an interview with Vanity Fair when she made this remark. By merely saying this, I bet she violated some intellectual property law somewhere.ankle monitor

Asked about the electronic monitoring device she must wear on her ankle — she has complained repeatedly that it irritates her skin — Stewart says she knows how to remove it.“I watched them put it on. You can figure out how to get it off,” she is quoted as saying. “It’s on the Internet. I looked it up.”

Her publicist’s eyes “widened with alarm” when Stewart made the remark. The article didn’t say whether Stewart claimed ever to have taken off the device.

Her attorney is likely dead from a heart attack by now.


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3 Responses to “Martha Hacks Her Ankle Monitor”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read Martha’s statement and through research of my own I can confirm the possibilities of these actions. I have yet to find anything online that has provided a step by step instruction like she has hinted towards; however, there are a few sites that provide enough information to be of use to anyone desperate enough. Though I do not condone the following actions, I will relay the information that can be found online. You can put 2 and 2 together yourself. The ankle unit sends an in-range signal every 38 seconds. This is the window for those who didn’t catch that. If someone were to try and tamper with the unit you have to bypass 1 or all of 3 fields. The first is optical sensor that prevents a cutting of the band itself. Next, is a metal contact if the band is forced open with the screws taken out. Finally, there is an encryption method of the RF signal to prevent duplication. All three methods are good except for one overlooked flaw. One in theory could remove the pins, and using the window of 38 seconds, step outside of the signals range to remove the unit then reassemble the unit stepping back into the signal’s range. If done correctly, the receiving unit will never receive the tamper signal and the wearer in theory would then be allowed to roam without worry of authority presence. NOTE1: I do not condone anyone trying this method or any other for it is unlawful to break any of the rules set in place while under house arrest and the participating party will therefore be sent back to jail subject to the PO’s request. NOTE2: This 38 second window can only be confirmed with the DigitalTecnologies-2000 HMU4 Solution. Other HMU’s will no doubt have a different timing sequence. NOTE3: Though this method can be misused, I have no doubt that future models will render this method useless. For example, in theory the ankle unit could send the tamper signal until the receiver responds leaving a window pointless. Other useful information can be found throughout the internet on how the units work and their relationship with each other; however, I only listed the most pertinent for this method.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Home Monitoring unit worn by Martha Stewart is from Behavior Interventions, (BI, INC).

    heres how the BI ankle braclet works

    CURFEW ALERTS Did Not Return: The Client did not return after the scheduled period started. This message is Sent if the Transmitter In Range message is not received within fifteen minutes after the Client is scheduled to be in the residence. Did Not Leave: The Client did not leave the range of the FMD during a scheduled leave period. This message is only sent if the Transmitter Out of Range is not received within fifteen minutes of the leave time. This message is only sent if a must leave schedule is in place. Transmitter In Range: Occurs when the FMD receives a message from a matching transmitter when the Client comes into range of the FMD. Transmitter Out of Range: Occurs when the FMD has not received a signal from the transmitter for six minutes. TAMPER ALERTS Transmitter Open Strap: The Client has removed or attempted to remove the transmitter, or the transmitter was disassembled to replace the battery. If the Client tampered with the transmitter in range of the FMD, the tamper message will be called in immediately. If the transmitter is being operated in manual reset mode, and is tampered out of range of the FMD, the actual time of tamper is recorded and sent immediately when the Client comes in range. If the transmitter is being operated in manual reset mode, an officer must use the CONTRACTOR Activator to reset the transmitter. Transmitter Close Strap: The transmitter is restored from its previous tamper status. If the transmitter is being operated in automatic mode and automatically resets while out of range of the FMD, the time of restoration will be recorded and sent immediately upon coming in range. Note: The transmitter must be properly affixed to the Client in order to receive this message. It is recommended that a physical inspection of the transmitter is conducted after receipt of this message. Tamper Unit Case: The FMD case has been opened or the internal circuitry of the FMD has been disrupted. Restore Unit Case: The FMD?s previous tamper status has been restored. EQUIPMENT STATUS ALERTS Missed Call Late: The callback from the FMD has not been received within 45 minutes of the scheduled callback time. Power Fail AC: Power to the FMD was interrupted. This message is sent eight seconds after the AC power is interrupted either by a power outage or by the power adapter being unplugged. When the power is interrupted, the FMD immediately switches to battery backup. The host computer then waits fifteen minutes to see if a restore message is called in from the FMD. If a restore message is not received within fifteen minutes, then the Power Fail message is sent and an alert is generated. Power Restore AC: The power to the FMD has been restored

    Power Fail Telephone: The FMD detected that the telephone line plugged into the FMD has been disconnected for more than thirty seconds. This message could also be the result of insufficient voltage. Power Restore Telephone: The telephone line to the FMD has been restored. Unit Battery Low: The internal FMD battery has approximately ten minutes of reserve power remaining. If this message is unable to be sent, the unit shuts down in ten minutes and all messages held in memory are lost. Manual Restart: Indicates that the power switch has been keyed on. This message also is sent upon power restoration after complete depletion of the FMD’s back up battery. Transmitter Not Found: The FMD has not received a signal from the transmitter within six minutes following the installation. Transmitter Mode Automatic: The transmitter tamper reset mode is set for automatic. If the transmitter is restored following a tamper, the transmitter will automatically reset seventeen minutes after proper installation. Transmitter Mode Manual: The transmitter tamper reset mode is set for manual. In the manual mode, a tampered transmitter can only be reset by the CONTRACTOR Activator. Transmitter Error Battery Low: The transmitter batter is low and must be replaced within five days. Transmitter Restore Battery: The transmitter battery is now installed. This message is received when the FMD is first installed in the Client’s residence (if the battery is transmitting). Location Verify Expire: The host computer was unsuccessful in its attempt to call the FMD for a location verification. Location Verify No Data: The host computer is unable to complete a location verification because the Client’s residence telephone number was not entered into the database. Log Overflow Fault: The FMD holds up to 64 messages in memory. The Log Overflow Fault message indicates that the memory is full and is stored in the event that a long duration problem has occurred such as a telephone line disconnection. Once the Log Overflow Fault message (64th messages) is recorded, all messages received thereafter are saved in order of priority. Example: Transmitter Open Strap. COMMUNICATION MESSAGES Carrier Not Detected: The FMD did not receive a carrier tone from the host computer’s modem and the messages were not transmitted. Host No Answer: The FMD attempted to call the host computer, but received no answer. Line Tied Up Level 1: The FMD attempted to call the host computer, but the line was in use. This message is recorded on the first series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Line Tied Up Level 2: Same as Line Tied Up Level 1 except this message is recorded on the second series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Line Tied Up Level 3: Same as Line Tied Up Level 1 except this message is recorded on the third series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Link Lost Error: The FMD’s communication with the host computer was interrupted and the information did not transfer. This messaged is usually caused by interference on the telephone line. No Ring Detected: The FMD attempts to call the host, but does not detect a carrier tone

  3. Anonymous says:

    2 methods that work. 1st is wiring the fiber obtics to a wider fitting before even cutting anything. First you will need a set of mechanics picks from any auto parts store. Also get the thinnest wire possible. Slowly and carefully pic thru the center of the bracelet to find the fiber obtics either with the sharp picks I mentioned or use a voltage meter with sharp points to locate. (Once located expose enough room around the fiber optics to make solid contact to fiber optics). After you have solid contact to the fiber optics repeat on the exact 180 side of the bracelet amd make solid contact with the wire I mentioned. Make sure the wire used is 1ft long. So now you have 2 exposed spots with this 1 wire connected to the 2 exposed spots connecting the fiberoptics in the center of the bracelet. Now that the wire is connected you can cut the bracelet in netween that wire youve just rigged up amd the bracelet will never lose pulse signal whatso ever while having that extra foot of wire in slack to have PLENTY of room to remove once the bracelet is cut. When you’re PO wants to release you on HA tell them you have to run home to get the box. At that time you cut the bracelet on the outside areas of the tampering and bring it back to them with box. Youre welcome. Method 2 is simply measuring the radio frequency of your bracelet and once you have that copied buy something that can send that same signal to the box saying that you’re home. Make sure and have the fequency right cause if you semd the wrong one it will.violate you. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME :) They do work

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