| Friday May 27th 2016

PETA’s Seakittens website “hacked”

Peta's Seakittens website hacked - Omaha Steaks

rofl @ Omaha Steaks.


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32 Responses to “PETA’s Seakittens website “hacked””

  1. Soco says:

    This is a fake.

    Here’s the REAL website:


    This is a joke. Moving along…

  2. Soco is an idiot says:

    PETA are a joke. And they’re sick, sick, twisted people following a nonsensical, hypocritical cult. Disgusting idiot asshats.

  3. GDB says:

    Sea Kittens taste like tuna!

  4. mary says:


  5. YorTheTimeHunter says:

    UMMMMMMMMMMMM….STEAK!!!……….i see gummi bears in the dark

  6. Drivel says:

    Not a fake, actually happened. but it’s not there now.

  7. AJ says:

    Actually PETA is the real joke

  8. O'Brady says:

    PETA is a Joke. Moving along…

  9. O'Brady says:

    PETA is a joke.

    Moving along…

  10. Bill says:

    No one will be safe until the Left is eradicated.

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