| Friday May 27th 2016

Link Building with Tumblr

Tumblr is a free blogging platform that takes about 5 seconds to setup. You enter your email, a password, and your subdomain, and your blog is instantly created. You can then build links to your new Tumblr blog and write content with anchor dofollow links back to your site.

Tumblr blogging screenshotI have a live Tumblr blog example for my Super Nintendo Console case study. You can see my Tumblr blog at super-nintendo-console.tumblr.com.

A good strategy to use with these free blog engines is to create a subdomain with the keyword you are getting, and then after you have added a good amount of content and a few links, use a few greyhat link building strategies to quickly index your new page which will help you get your actual site indexed quickly as well and without the risk of penalization.

If you really want to get into advanced link building with Tumblr, you could even search around for existing Tumblr blogs in your niche that blog frequently and have a strong pagerank. You could easily email them asking to buy links (although I do NOT recommend you ever buy/sell links unless you are experienced in it), and generally the majority of the people will be glad to accept your money since they are not webmasters for a living and they are blogging on a free platform.

Like always, I like providing the straight-to-the-point groundwork for how to build links, and leave the rest of the creativity up to you.


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