| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Facebook’s Great Betrayal

Wait people put stuff on Facebook they don’t want the whole world to see? Why the hell would you ever do something like that? That’s like putting all your important documents in a box on a street corner and expecting them to stay safe.

The most insidious part of Facebook’s scheme to expose user data has been how the company framed them, claiming to want to enhance privacy. Facebook logoIn an open letter to his 350 million+ users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed he believed the old privacy framework was “no longer the best way for you to control your privacy,” and that the new system would give people “even more control of their information.” It would be “simpler” and finer-grained.

But when the system came out a week later, it actually gave less, not more, control over information. Gone was the ability to hide your friends list, profile pictures, fan pages and network membership from all strangers; Facebook’s new, formal privacy policy explicitly made this information public (despite the ability to keep some of it, like the friends list, off your profile page).


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