| Thursday May 26th 2016

Myspace for Small Business

myspaceimages.jpgOne of the reasons people go to Myspace.com is for business reasons. It may be odd for most people since myspace is something really personal. You go to myspace to express yourself and get a hold of your friends and sometimes you drop them a line or two just to make sure they are still there are you remember them. You can personalize your page as fancy as it gets with nothing to hold you back and your blog can be as ranting or as romantic as possible whatever the feeling that you will get for that day. The name “my space” even tells us that it’s a very personal site for some people.

However, for most of the entrepreneur who sees everything as an opportunity, Myspace.com is just another platform for getting more contacts and creates a buzz through the networking capability of the website. It’s not that they are scamming people towards their business, these are legitimate entrepreneurs who know someone, somewhere needs a specific product or services and they are the ones who can provide the very thing that they need. If you’re a businessman you will easily understand the idea.

But how do you create a page for business reasons?

Since Myspace is a personal page for introducing yourself to others, your website should be as formal but not too strict. You have to tell them that you’re there and you represent something. In Myspace you don’t sell products, you figuratively sell yourself to others. If people will like you based on what you project, say and do to your site, interest will rise up and you can easily introduce your product and services to them.

Aside from creating something really decent about yourself in Myspace, there are other parts of Myspace that you can use in order to inform people who you are and what you sell. The classifieds is like a Craiglist form of advertising and you can use that for product advertisement for free.

There are also forums in Myspace that you can use. Though it’s not as popular as the classifieds, there are still people who have time and take a look at the things that are posted online. You might not get lucky for the first time but there will come a time that someone will be interested in your services. A tip: do not overdo your advertisement on forums. Sometimes, the forums just go unchecked for spammers that you can’t see any of the topics anymore. All you have a page of advertisements that tells the same thing over and over again. Now that’s really a spam. So to protect yourself, you should at least advertise once a day or week so that people will not label you as someone who came from a multi-level-marketing corporation whose only aim is to get new membership without selling anything.

If you’re really familiar with Myspace and you’re on a business, be sure to incorporate that to have something extra. Not only you get to have fun in the internet, you earn something in return too.


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