| Friday May 27th 2016

Hardline Nigerian official pledges to arrest the 419 scammers… if you send him $10,000 for “processing fees”

I find this situation quite funny. An “uncivilized nation” uses current technology to scam the citizens of the great western world. Just too funny.

Olu Agbi 419In a world-first move, a top Nigerian official has pledged to do more to jail the perpetrators of Nigerian internet scams that police say are costing Australians at least $40 million a year.

But Sunday Olu Agbi, the hardline Nigerian high commissioner who is based in Canberra, stands by his comments from last year that most victims of the scams are just as guilty as the fraudsters and should be jailed as well.

Either way, he’s all talk. If he is elected to a higher office don’t plan on him following up on his word. Just another politician trying to garner support by railing against something that is so well known. Give me a break Randy Jackson.


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