| Wednesday May 25th 2016

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Every Apple Design Ever in 30 seconds

I thought this week could do with some more "fanboy," so cobbled together this blast of Every Apple Design Ever'ish in 30 seconds. I'm a Linux guy, at heart, but even if each of its products were given only a single frame of animation, such a video would not end before the heat death of the universe. Also, times have changed.

Address Is Approximate

Using stop-motion animation and imagery from Google Maps Street View, director Tony Jenkins provides a look at how a lonely desk toy manages to escape his confined world and take a cross country drive to the Pacific coast. (more…)

Terminator 2 Is Still Amazing as Hand-Drawn Animation

In today's edition of "Ohh shit, I'm getting old" Terminator 2 turns 20 on July 3rd. To temper the blow, here's an offensively cool video by the band Rymdreglage celebrating one of the great nerd films of all time.

The inevitable Taiwanese News animation about the TSA’s touching of “junk”

The TSA's enhanced testicle-fondling and schlong-scanning procedures get the NMA treatment. LOLs: 1) random cross-dresser 2) RapeScan Systems, Inc. 3) Osama's Secret.

Stop motion history of stop motion

Chloe Fleury created a fun and informative short stop motion history of stop motion animation. ?