| Tuesday March 3rd 2015


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Posts Tagged ‘attempt’

The hidden beauty of the bottom of toy cars

The hidden beauty of the bottom of toy cars

Jason Torchinsky's interest in the bottoms of toy cars borders on the Nicholson Bakeresque... The bottoms of toy cars are fascinating because it's a revealing insight into the mind of the toy designer. Generally, you don't really have to do anything at all, but most toy cars have at least some attempt made to have some measure of detail or [...]

NYC cyclist vs. bike lanes (kamikaze)

A NYC cyclist who received a fine for straying out of the bike-lane recorded this video of his attempt to ride around town without leaving the bike-lane, instead crashing merrily into any obstacle that he encountered, from taxis to construction equipment. (more…)

HOWTO: Avoid online tracking (Hint: you can’t)

HOWTO: Avoid online tracking (Hint: you can’t)

Christopher Maag, writing for credit.com, says that any attempt to maintain your privacy online is doomed. Deleting cookies won't work, banning cookies won't work, and using privacy tools won't work, either. Even after you set your browser to delete existing cookies and ban new ones, download super-cookies and use the tools created by [...]