| Friday March 27th 2015


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Posts Tagged ‘contest’

Google bets $20K that Chrome can’t be hacked

Google bets $20K that Chrome can’t be hacked

It's not $20k to bet against themselves, it's $20k paid for keen hackers to fix their browser's security further with PR to fuel the fire of interest. Google will pay $20,000 to the first researcher who successfully exploits its Chrome browser at this year's Pwn2Own hacking contest. The award is the largest ever for the annual challenge, [...]

Free Kinect drivers released. Adafruit pays $3k bounty to hacker, $2k more to EFF

The swell hackers at Adafruit Industries have declared a winner in their cash-prize contest to reverse-engineer the Microsoft Kinekt controller and release a free/open library that would let hardware hackers incorporate it into their own projects. The winner is a fine gent named Hector, who says, "Here's my take on the Kinect driver. Supports [...]