| Saturday March 28th 2015


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Google Drops More Than $1.8 Billion On Newest NYC Office

Google Drops More Than $1.8 Billion On Newest NYC Office

It's an entire NYC city block in the meatpacking district, sitting on top of 2 main transcontinental fiber highways, more square footage than the empire state building, and they bought it in cash. Wowsers! Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve closed a deal with the partnership of Taconic Investment Partners, Jamestown Properties and [...]

Free climbing a tower higher than the Empire State Building

This video has been making the rounds, but in case you missed it, it's a real thrill. I watched it in full-screen mode, like my buddy suggested. My palms got sweaty and the soles of my feet ached, like they do whenever I'm on the edge of a cliff or other high place without a barrier between me and a plunge to death.