| Thursday May 26th 2016

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Fake but cool video hacking in Times Square

Looks like a guy has created a video repeater that "somehow" manages to overwhelm the inputs of any screen in the vicinity. The demo shows the inventor taking over a couple of small screens at ground level, before attaching the device to a huge red balloon and floating it up high to hax bigger screens up above. The iPhone doesn't transmit [...]

Fake DHS “photography license” for fake no-photos laws

Fake DHS “photography license” for fake no-photos laws

All around the world, cops and rent-a-cops are vigorously enforcing nonexistent anti-terrorist bans on photography in public places. If you're worried about being busted under an imaginary law, why not download these templates and print yourself an imaginary "Photography license" from the DHS? Who knows if it's legal to carry one of these... [...]