| Wednesday May 25th 2016

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Tron: Uprising: An early look at Disney’s return to the Grid

The Grid, a world of shimmering, digital wonder, was introduced to moviegoers in 1982 film “Tron” and then taken to a new visual level in “Tron: Legacy” in 2010. Now the Grid is going to television and expanding with a wider mythology and new characters — and more of the sleek, glowing vehicles that fans love. “Tron: Uprising,” [...]

Tron Legacy: An Impressive Blu-ray Release

Tron Legacy: An Impressive Blu-ray Release

Tron: Legacy (Rated PG, Walt Disney Studios, $79.99 for the five-disc combo that includes Tron: Classic, $39.99 for two-disc blu-ray /DVD combo, $29.99 blu-ray only) was a welcome arrival on movie screens during last year’s holiday movie season. Yes, it was a bit emotionally cold, relying on a father-son relationship that should have been [...]