| Sunday May 29th 2016

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Every Apple Design Ever in 30 seconds

I thought this week could do with some more "fanboy," so cobbled together this blast of Every Apple Design Ever'ish in 30 seconds. I'm a Linux guy, at heart, but even if each of its products were given only a single frame of animation, such a video would not end before the heat death of the universe. Also, times have changed.

D.Veloped – Work:Party mashup

D.Veloped – Work:Party mashup

I had to exclude this from the standard posts for the simple reason that it deserves its own post. Mad respect to D.Veloped on this one, I know this must have taken some serious time. This is a 40 minute mashup mix spanning across all genres. This guy sure is good at what he does, download and enjoy.

Ron Paul on healthcare @ CNN Tampa Debate

Allow people to practice what they want?!? this guy's crazy... We don't know what we want!

Fake but cool video hacking in Times Square

Looks like a guy has created a video repeater that "somehow" manages to overwhelm the inputs of any screen in the vicinity. The demo shows the inventor taking over a couple of small screens at ground level, before attaching the device to a huge red balloon and floating it up high to hax bigger screens up above. The iPhone doesn't transmit [...]

Photography is a crime.

Nothing the guy can do now, hes already admitted a crime to the courts, under the advice of his attorney.

Download porn from file-sharing? Pay up or be exposed and sued, says attorney

Download porn from file-sharing? Pay up or be exposed and sued, says attorney

More than a dozen pornography studios are using a Chicago attorney to launch an attempted crackdown on the illegal online sharing of their movies, borrowing a page from the controversial campaign launched this year by the Hollywood makers of "The Hurt Locker"to go after thousands of alleged copyright violators. John Steele, 39, dubbed a [...]

GoldenEye 007 montage shows typical James Bond action

GoldenEye 007's Wii debut is TODAY so it's high time to know what you're getting into. This 007 launch trailer shows just about everything there is to see in the game: It's the usual Bond fare: stealthily invading the bad guy's bases, gunfights, escaping danger, and saving the damsel.  And there's tanks, which are always fun to cause lots [...]

28 Days Later – Top Horror Flicks of All Time #10

28 Days Later – Top Horror Flicks of All Time #10

Zombies had been so dead for a very long time. Even the masters of the form had given them up long before and viewers knew we’d never get that heyday back. Well, Robert Rodriguez saw it coming but got talked out of it so Planet Terror was shelved, such a shame. Instead, the guy who made Trainspotting handed us one of the finest entries [...]