| Sunday March 29th 2015


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Posts Tagged ‘hardware’

Inside the Apple archives at Stanford Libraries

In 1997, Apple gifted the Stanford University Libraries its historical collections of paperwork, hardware, software, artifacts, and other materials documenting the organization since Woz and Jobs founded it in 1976. The Associated Press toured the collection. No, it's not available for public viewing.

Grown Adult Actually Expects To Be Happy

Grown Adult Actually Expects To Be Happy

That's not funny, Onion. You're supposed to make me laugh, not cry. According to incredulous sources, local hardware store employee and grown adult human being Rob Peterson, 37, actually expects to be happy in life. Despite possessing a fully developed brain and a general awareness of the fundamental nature of existence, sources said Peterson [...]

Woz on Network Neutrality

Woz on Network Neutrality

Writing in the Atlantic, Apple co-founder and hardware wizard Steve Wozniak defends Network Neutrality, describing open, neutral networks as a boon to creators, innovators and entrepreneurs... Imagine that when we started Apple we set things up so that we could charge purchasers of our computers by the number of bits they use. The personal [...]

PS3 completely hacked. Security on the system is apparently the worst security ever seen.

Basically, the ps3 has a hard outer shell, but once you break through the outer layer there is absolutely nothing stopping you... (more…)

Free Kinect drivers released. Adafruit pays $3k bounty to hacker, $2k more to EFF

The swell hackers at Adafruit Industries have declared a winner in their cash-prize contest to reverse-engineer the Microsoft Kinekt controller and release a free/open library that would let hardware hackers incorporate it into their own projects. The winner is a fine gent named Hector, who says, "Here's my take on the Kinect driver. Supports [...]

Hacker finds iOS 4.1 bootrom vulnerability that can jailbreak all current hardware

Hacker finds iOS 4.1 bootrom vulnerability that can jailbreak all current hardware

Yesterday’s release of iOS 4.1 was good news for iPhone gamers and iPhone 3G owners who had performance issues post-4.0, but bad news for jailbreakers, with the Dev Team themselves warning users not to upgrade to 4.1 as there was no known way to reverse the baseband post-update. As usual, though, what’s true in the cat-and-mouse [...]