| Tuesday March 31st 2015


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“Tron: Uprising” new trailer

Can Tron do for Disney XD what Star Wars did for Cartoon Network? Here’s the new trailer for Tron: Uprising, the new animated series debuting on Disney XD in June. Like Cartoon Net’s acclaimed The Clone Wars, this is a sophisticated-looking animated series that’s set at a moment in time that takes place between two feature films (in this [...]

Google+ Hits 10 Million Users: Should Facebook Freak Out?

Google+ Hits 10 Million Users: Should Facebook Freak Out?

You know what's cool? A BILLION users. In just two weeks, Google+ has reached the 10 million user mark. For a tech company so used to losing the social media game, this could be its moment. Those numbers look like peanuts compared to Facebook's 750 million users, many of whom check in every day. But the site is expected to double in size by [...]

Verizon releases BlackBerry OS 6

Verizon releases BlackBerry OS 6

Verizon Wireless announced earlier today that the BlackBerry OS 6 update will begin rolling out for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G today. Unfortunately no word on the BlackBerry Tour at the moment. The BlackBerry OS 6 over-the-air update will be released in a couple of hours however you can also download it using the [...]

The fall of the House of Vikings

At 5:00 Sunday morning, the weight of 16-odd inches of snow accumulation finally pushed the roof of the Metrodome (Minneapolis' NFL Pro Football stadium) past its structural limits. The good news: Security cameras caught this awesome moment as it happened. The bad news: This is probably not going to stop the Vikings from whining about how much [...]