| Sunday May 29th 2016

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How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?

Like a? boss! "Did I stumble into Mexico?" The appropriate responses should be: Why are you stopping me? Do you have reason to believe I am not a US Citizen? Are you charging me with a crime? Am I free to go ?

Who Knew Dead Zombie Hookers Were So Fun?

What better way to kick off a Tuesday then a little dead zombie hooker action? Right? (more…)

Hotel peephole doctored for easy removal and spying

Last week, as Kent Brewster was leaving his hotel room in the morning, he found a small piece of crumpled paper on the floor of his room; he realized that this had been used to plug up the peephole in the door, which had been doctored to allow people in the hallway to spy on the goings-on in the room. Says Kent: " The hotel manager took care [...]