| Friday March 27th 2015


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The Mystery of Wrinkly-When-Wet Fingers, Solved

The Mystery of Wrinkly-When-Wet Fingers, Solved

Now my question is why in the world is theses scientist concern with this topic to pull themselves away from real concerns. Are these people being governmentally funded? Mystery of the century, you guys. No, the millenium. All times. A new paper in the journal Brain, Behavior and Evolution has a new answer to the eternal question: why do our [...]

Hotel peephole doctored for easy removal and spying

Last week, as Kent Brewster was leaving his hotel room in the morning, he found a small piece of crumpled paper on the floor of his room; he realized that this had been used to plug up the peephole in the door, which had been doctored to allow people in the hallway to spy on the goings-on in the room. Says Kent: " The hotel manager took care [...]

Teacher Writes “Loser” on Student’s Paper

Teacher Writes “Loser” on Student’s Paper

My chem teacher, in high school, used to staple Burger King applications to failed tests. It was hilarious, although I never got one. A North Carolina middle school teacher is in the hot seat over his controversial style of teaching. Rex Roland teaches sixth graders at Enka Middle School in Candler, N.C. Patty Clement says her child was [...]