| Friday May 27th 2016

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What reward does your brain actually seek?

Dopamine does a lot of things, but you're probably most familiar with it as the chemical your brain uses as a sort-of system of in-game gold coins. You earn the reward for certain behaviors, usually "lizard-brain" type stuff... eating a bowl of pudding, for instance, or finally making out with that cute person you've had your eye on. And, as [...]

Can Diaspora win anything but publicity?

Can Diaspora win anything but publicity?

The press is in love with Diaspora. With Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg having gone from start-up, to MySpace contender, to leader, to domination, to movie villain faster than most people can get through college, the search is on for the next big thing. Diaspora combines the promise of open source with privacy guarantees. As such it [...]