| Friday March 27th 2015


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The Filter Bubble: How personalization changes society

The Filter Bubble: How personalization changes society

MoveOn co-founder Eli Pariser's new book The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You is a thoughtful, often alarming look at the dark side of Internet personalization. Pariser is concerned that invisible "smart" customization of your Internet experience can make you parochial, exploiting your cognitive blind-spots to make you [...]

Watch 200 Years of Global Growth In Four Minutes

A professor of international health in Sweden, Hans Rosling has a long history of exploring the facts and figures that surround our changing world. In the a segment of the BBC series, Rosling gives one of his most famous lectures with a new twist. Using 120,000+ bits of data and augmented reality, the exuberant professor takes us through the last [...]