| Monday March 2nd 2015


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Microsoft Surface reviews are out

Microsoft Surface reviews are out

AnandTech brought up a point I hadn't considered. The Surface RT is theoretically capable of working with a wide array of peripherals, but they need special ARM drivers for it. Essentially, you'll be able to plug in anything to a Surface Pro though. (Printer, scanner, etc) Reviews after the jump... (more…)

Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar?

The true definition of a dollar should be an IOU for gold of silver in the amount listed on the bill. If money is not backed up by any type of commodity then your going to have a problem. This limits the amount of money the government, or a private bank can print. You cant have more dollars then there is gold. Ron Paul explains this to village [...]

Tron / Daft Punk easter egg on tronsoundtrack.com

Tron / Daft Punk easter egg on tronsoundtrack.com

Click to enter site: http://www.tronsoundtrack.com/ some of the music plays, so you can listen to that for a minute Click outside the window frames on the site Type "derezzed" to hear an extra snippet of the soundtrack