| Friday May 27th 2016

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Vote for Mitt Romney?

This is utterly convincing. You may remember this chap from here... you remember, the man who see penises everywhere…

Homemade anti-SOPA PSAs

We Forgot Our Name! is so worried about the Stop Online Piracy Act that he's created four short PSAs to help explain what's wrong with the idea to your friends and family: "The Stop Online Piracy Act will be going back to the House for a vote this WEDNESDAY December 21st. The House tried to make people think they would not reconvene to vote on [...]

Las Vegas Slots vs Voting Machines infographic

Las Vegas Slots vs Voting Machines infographic

It's easier to rig an electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot machine, says University of Pennsylvania visiting professor Steve Freeman. That's because Vegas slots are better monitored and regulated than America's voting machines, Freeman writes in a book out in July that argues, among other things, that President Bush may owe his 2004 win [...]