| Wednesday May 25th 2016

TSA screener ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics from passengers and the TSA itself didn’t notice

A TSA Screener, named Pythias Brown, walked off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of passengers’ belongings without ever being observed by the TSA, and then selling the items on Ebay …and apparently he was good about customer service.

TSA lane innovationPythias started small, stealing cameras, laptop computers, gaming consoles and eventually moved on to the good stuff including a video camera belonging to CNN, and a $47,900 camera stored inside the bag of an HBO employee.The items were sold on Ebay, and as you can see from his feedback listing, these were not cheap items.

His greed eventually came back to haunt him, when CNN found one of their cameras listed on Ebay. With a little help from the local police department and the USPS, Brown was apprehended.

When agents entered his house, they found 66 cameras, 31 laptop computers, jewelry, lenses, GPS devices and more.


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