| Wednesday June 1st 2016

TSA loses $24K watch at airport

Rolex watch girls

TSA is a huge joke, they found a $24,000 watch but can’t find a freaking terrorist when his names on a damn watch list.

Showalter said the last time she saw her Rolex watch was when she removed for a screening by airport security.Rolex watch girl

“She gets there and she participates in the secondary screening, all the while she’s saying, ‘My watch! My watch! Get my watch!’ And nobody gets her watch,” said David Milton, one of the attorney’s representing Showalter in a pending lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration. “It could have been theft by a TSA employee. It could have been theft by another passenger. And we’re not sure.”

It’s a mystery that could have been solved with the footage from a security camera, but according to the TSA, the cameras were rolling but did not have tape.


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