| Friday May 27th 2016

Woman Wears Bikini to LAX Airport to Avoid Security

Well this is an interesting way to avoid an airport pat-down!

Woman Wears Bikini to LAX AirportA woman who planned on flying out of LAX airport decided she would try and avoid a pat-down by leaving little to the imagination in a tiny black bikini.

In a interview, the woman said she wasn’t concerned about the pat-down but she “feels like the TSA is making people feel uncomfortable.”

When asked why she was wearing her bikini through security, she simply says “I don’t want to do a body scan and by wearing a bikini they can see what they need to see and avoid a body pat-down as well.”

She continues, “Every time I’ve gone through airport security I always think to myself or say to the other passengers, I don’t know why I got dressed this morning because I end up taking belts and jewelry and everything else off so this morning I decided to wear a bikini.”

It’s definitely a good way to get a point across. But where does it end? Will all women now start showing up to the airport in a bikini and all men show up in swim shorts just to avoid the security process?

Do you think this woman made a good point by wearing her bikini to LAX?


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One Response to “Woman Wears Bikini to LAX Airport to Avoid Security”

  1. CJ says:

    Nah, this will fail. She could be hiding illegal materials in body cavities, it could be a really thin profile blade, etc. TSA will do pat downs and there’s not really any way around it.

    Unless you’re a crypto expert who thinks the system is terrible of course.

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