| Sunday May 29th 2016

Vegas uses computers to bust card counters

As if Vegas casinos don’t already rake in enough money from suckers, now they are developing technology to automatically detect people who count cards.

Las Vegas card tableThe anti-card-counter system uses cameras to watch players and keep track of the actual “count” of the cards, the same way a player would. It also measures how much each player is betting on each hand, and it syncs up the two data points to look for patterns in the action. If a player is betting big when the count is indeed favorable, and keeping his chips to himself when it’s not, he’s fingered by the computer… and, in the real world, he’d probably receive a visit from a burly dude in a bad suit, too.The system reportedly works even if the gambler intentionally attempts to mislead it with high bets at unfavorable times.

Bad and unnecessary move by Vegas in publicizing this. My friend counted cards for years, and he says card counting is already dead thanks to the multiple-deck endless shuffle machines that are standard now in big casinos…

Meanwhile, Vegas does make money off of people who believe they can still win counting cards, try it, and usually lose. How many of them will now give up on their schemes and stay away thanks to learning about this intimidating new technology?


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