| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Maximum meme density

xkcd meme density

My meme: GTFO dawg, I herd you c-c-c-c-an’t form babby so I can haz win, deserted you and “accidentally” over 9000 sperm in your mom’s base in Bel Air, SPARTA.

Translation: I heard you were impotent so I am trying for a baby with your mother.


  • tits or GTFO.
  • dawg, I heard
  • herd you liek
  • form babby
  • can haz
  • WIN
  • never gonna run around and
  • accidentally the whole
  • over 9000
  • your mom
  • all your base

28 words / 14 memes = 1 meme every 2 words …and it still makes sense, on the assumption there was also a Bel Air in Sparta which is pretty much a given. I was tempted to push it further but I like it as it is.

So what’s the prize for holding the new record, Randall?


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