| Saturday May 28th 2016

XKCD: The Book

Three cheers for Randall “XKCD” Munroe! Not only has he just announced his first book of collected toons, he got a fabulous write up in the NYT about it as well. Randal Munroe XKCD bookRandall’s one of the most consistently funny — and sweet — geeks on the web, and every day he tops himself in finding new ways to be made of awesome.

The print xkcd book is not being published through a traditional company but rather by breadpig — which was created by Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of the social-news Web site reddit. The site has sold high-concept merchandise like refrigerator magnets or T-shirts, but never a book. (Its profits go to the charity Room to Read.)”We never made any projection — 10,000 seems like a good run,” Mr. Ohanian said, adding that this lack of research “is laughable from the perspective of anyone who knows the book industry. It’s what makes sense.”

The book — with the working title “xkcd,” though Mr. Ohanian says it may carry a subtitle like “a book of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” — will not initially be sold in bookstores, and probably never in the big chains. Instead, it will be sold through the xkcd Web site.


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