| Wednesday May 25th 2016

xkcd-style WEP cracking in real life

My love for xkcd comics has influenced me to write this modified autoconfig “cracking” tool that cracks Wifi WEP password from your neighbors, exactly the way shown in xkcd comic number 416

xkcd wep cracking

Here is the tool in action…

xkcd wifi hacking tool

As you can see there are some state of the art features added to this version. This tools is the result of weeks of sleepless night, yet I am not too sure whether I should release this version to the public. There are some sick people out there who can seriously abuse this tool. If you are still skeptical about the existence of this, you can watch it live in action:

Remember, hacking is serious business.

Disclaimer: No Children or neighbors (that I know of) were hurt during this demo.

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